Eagles 10-1 victory over NU was a game for the ages

This 10-1 Eagle win was not a case of running ...
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#6 Eagles trounce Merrimack 6-2 to move into first place

Eagles sweep Merrimack with a 6-2 victory at Kelley Rink ...
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Boston College destroys Harvard

Eagles destroy Harvard 7-2 in Beanpot

Boston College rallied the troops and throttled Harvard 7-2 in ...
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January 26 2020-Timmy's take

How can Hockey East allow Maine to commit a flagrant infraction in overtime that led to a Maine goal?  Why was it not reviewed?  Hockey East regularly reviews calls for all sorts of reasons including whether to assess a penalty and whether to assess a major penalty such as Zach Walker's hit from behind on Friday night.  The review resulted in the officials ruling that Walker received a 5-minute major penalty and game misconduct on a hit from behind that was near the boards.  Okay fine.  Fast forward to Saturday night.  Maine hits Drew Helleson from behind and the penalty is called a two minute minor with no game misconduct.  Why not? It was exactly the same hit as the one Walker delivered the night before.  Okay, we will chalk it up to difference of opinion from one referee to another. Saturday night Patrick Shea "slashes" the stick out of Jesper Mattiala's hand, and proceeds to score the overtime winner as Mattila was taken out of the play. No review.  Why not? It directly impacted the game as Maine ended up winning the game on the uncalled penalty.  The play happened fast and officiating is difficult, but that is why reviews were put in place.   Jerry York is too nice of a guy to say what I just said.  Commissioner Joe Bertagna does not need to publicly question why he is being forced out.  All he has to do is watch the film on last night's game.

Insider news and thoughts-October 12 2019

York had planned to split early-season goaltender duties between Senior Ryan Edquist and Freshman Spencer Knight.  Plans changed due to a high ankle sprain injury to Edquist, who is expected to return in the 3-7 week range.

Although BC powerplay did not score last night-York is pleased with how they moved the puck and generated scoring chances.

York attributed the terrific opening night performance to not just the arrival of the outstanding Freshmen class, but also the development and continued improvement of the 4 senior defensemen-Ben Finkelstein, Jesper Mattila, Luke McInnis and Connor Moore. He also believes that Cotton, Hutsko and Julius Mattila line will escalate their offensive impacts.

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