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Alex Newhook-courtesy of Victoria Grizzlies

After I watched Alex Newhook on film this past winter- I was beyond excited to see him in maroon and gold- for the start of the 2019 Boston College hockey season. His highlight video reveals speed, goal-scoring touch, and playmaking ability beyond his age.

I reached out to a British Columbia Hockey League scout who saw Newhook play at Victoria extensively last year for some first-hand reporting.

MF-“Is this kid as dynamite a hockey player as he looks on film? His speed looks incredible?

Scout-“Yes-100%. It was almost like watching the old Jagr (Jaromir) videos where it looked like he could score whenever he felt like it.”

MF-“How does he respond to adversity”

Scout-“If his team was down by any margin-he just kicks it into another gear and takes over the game.”

I watched him play in the World Junior tournament for Team Canada, and he came barreling through faceoff traffic and calmly retrieved a loose puck and deftly slid it into the net. His instincts on where the puck is going-are top-rate.

Now I know why Jerry York looks so excited for the start of the BC hockey season. Okay, Jerry is always excited, but you BC fans know what I mean. Not sure who Newhook will have for linemates, but those selected need to have their sticks resting on the ice at all times. The puck is coming two seconds earlier than anticipated. He anticipates openings like a good quarterback-well ahead of time.

Newhook is considered a natural centerman, but he played very well at right-wing for Team Canada. As a left-hand shot, he gains an increased shooting angle when turning toward center from his off-wing. My guess is that he plays center for the Eagles, but we will find out next month.

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